Tamil Tigers attack army outpost in Sri Lanka's embattled Jaffna (Sri Lanka)

May 05, Jaffna: Tamil Tigers have launched a large scale attack at an Army outpost along the Muhamalai Forward Defence Line (FDL), Sri Lanka's Defense sources said today.


According to the sources, Army has thwarted the attack when a large group of Tigers backed by mortar fire charged the forwards bunker defenses, south of A-9 road, around 9.30 a.m. this morning.

Defense officials said two soldiers were killed in the attack, one is missing and 14 others suffered injuries defending their positions. Also, three other soldiers were killed due to explosions of trapped mines. The injured have been transferred to Palali military hospital. Three of the wounded have been air lifted to Colombo National Hospital.

Citing monitored Tiger radio transmissions, defense sources claimed 10 Tamil Tigers including two leaders were killed and at least 52 others suffered injuries in the army retaliatory fire.

Von: 5.5.2008, www.colombopage.com

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