The Landmine Legacy in Bosnia-Hercegovina (Bosnia-Hercegovina)

Landmines continue to be a major problem for the people of Bosnia-Hercegovina as demining and landmine awareness education continue to improve the situation in this formerlly heavily mined country.


Many children are finding mines and being injured and killed from the legacies of a conflict that fell silent more than 14 years ago. Today in Bosnia-Hercegovina children often learn the hard way about what to play with where to walk and are often the vicitms of unexploded ordinance that populates their rebuilt east european nation. Children do not alway know how to read and are many times walking around and playing in hard to reach spaces where an adult may not go but where children sometimes hide and play.

These locations are some of the places that have contained landmines and other weapons that contiue to take a tool onthe health of Bosnian children. Bosnia-Heregovina was devastated by genocide and civil war for 42 months and the results are catastrophoc for resident and former residents who scontinue to suffer from trauma from the conflict.

As Bosnia-Hercegovina was one a part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia when it was one of the top landmine producing states in the world the transition to democracy has contained a terrible and unwanted legacy of Bosnia-hercegovina being a major location of weapons production and use.

The fact that such a large amount of ordinance was produced and used in the war definately contributed to the challenges of dealing with landmines and other weapons in thios part of the world. Often landmines are used by criminals that seem to flourish in the post war Balkans and where property owners mark their land with landmines to keep unwanted visitors and cattle off their property.

Bosnia-Hercegovina is howevermaking great strides in its recovery and rebuilding as dedicated individuals and groups help with demining training and education as well as advocacy, even with such help the situation ion Bosnia-Hercegovina as in all war affected places will take generations.

Von: 08.12.2008, by Kevin Beck,

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