This real hero provides limbs to landmine blast victims (Sudan)

HOPE OF MANY: Sudan's artifical limb centre has provided free limbs to 3000 victims.


Poonch (Jammu): In the land of conflict and pain, Jagbir Singh Sudan is a true healer. Many people living in the border villages lose their limbs during cross-border firing. But Sudan has brought many of those back on their feet.

Thirty-eight-year-old Mohammad Bashir, a rice seller, lost his leg in a landmine blast at the line of control in 1999.

"He came looking for me. After I got an artificial limb, it was like a new beginning for me," says Bashir.

A school principal in Poonch, Jagbir Singh starts his day with lessons in social values.

His artificial limb centre has provided free prosthetics to over 3000 victims of landmine blasts in the border villages.

"During rains mines travel deep into the farms. Also people lose their limbs due to cross-border firing," says Sudan.

The inspiration came from his father, Pritam Singh, who was a soldier and lost his right leg in the World War II. And this is how Sudan went on to set up a trust in his father's name in 1990.

He walks to villages, scan patients and then take them to artificial limb camps in New Delhi and Jaipur.

Sudan makes his way into remote corners in forward areas risking gun fore even looking for his patients.

"I have only one wish, I want to set up a limb fabrication centre now," sats Sudan.

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