Troops attack terror movement; warlike items found ' Horowupotana (Sri Lanka)

Troops have gunned down four LTTE terrorists during a search operation conducted in a jungle patch in general area Ambagaswewa, Horowupotana this afternoon, 25 November.


On information received from the civilian sources, troops have cordon the jungle patch located 9Km northeast of Horowupotana and conducted a search operation. According to the defence sources, four LTTE cadres were killed in a confrontation ensued between troops and terrorists around 2.45pm.

Four bodies of LTTE terrorists killed in the confrontation were found along with 4 T-56 weapons, 3 claymore mines, 20 anti-personnel mines and 2 remote controller devices in a subsequent search operation conducted in the area.

The LTTE terrorists have infiltrated into these areas with explosive for carrying out major disaster targeting innocent civilians, defence sources added.

Von: 25.11.2008,

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