Turkish army releases video of air operation in N.Iraq (Turkey)

The Turkish General Staff released on Tuesday the video footage of the air operation carried out on April 25-26 against the PKK in northern Iraq. Two PKK separatists were killed in clashes on Tuesday in southeastern Turkey. (UPDATED)


The Turkish General Staff released the footage of the two-day cross border air attack against the PKK in northern Iraq.
Turkish warplanes and artillery targeted outlawed PKK separatist bases in neighboring northern Iraq on April 25-26.
The link for the video can be found here. (Please note the website is in Turkish)

The military also said in a statement posted on its website on Tuesday 43 Turkish warplanes and artillery units destroyed positions of the PKK, including a large number of shelters, caves, anti-aircraft defenses, communication posts and storage depots during its latest operation last week.
The General Staff said that "a large group of PKK terrorists were also neutralized," they were believed to be preparing to attack targets in Turkey from their bases in Zap, Avashin-Basyan and Khakurk regions in Iraq's north. It gave no figures on the casualties.
The military said "it had taken due diligence not to harm civilian population and local elements," adding targets were hit with "precision."

Two PKK separatists were killed in clashes on Tuesday in southeastern Turkey, as the Turkish army's operations intensified to hunt outlawed separatists. The Dogan News Agency (DHA) reported that one Turkish soldier was killed in the clash.
One Turkish soldier was also killed on Tuesday when a landmine planted by outlawed PKK separatists exploded in the eastern Igdir province of Turkey, the Anatolian Agency reported.
The number of the Turkish soldiers, who were killed on Tuesday rose to two in the region.

Turkey's chief of general staff expressed on Monday sorrow over the loss of lives in the fight against the PKK, adding "terrorists will suffer." General Yasar Buyukanit also said that grief encouraged the security forces to fight with greater determination.
Twelve Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes or land mine explosions since April 20. Turkish military operations against the PKK have intensified recently.
Turkey and most of the international community, including the EU and the U.S., consider the PKK a terrorist organization.

Von: 29.4.2008, www.hurriyet.com.tr

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