Two Afghans killed, three wounded in US vehicle bombing

A bomb tore through a vehicle of a private US security firm in troubled southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing two Afghan employees and wounding three, the government said.   The bomb hit the USPI vehicle in the Zhare Dasht district of Kandahar province, a hotspot for attacks by Taliban-led insurgents, officials said.   "A mine put on the road by the enemies of Afghanistan exploded. The result was that two workers with USPI were killed and three wounded," interior ministry spokesman Yousuf Stanizai told reporters.


Afghan officials often use the term "enemies of Afghanistan" to refer to Taliban militants and their Islamic allies who are waging an insurgency focussed on southern and eastern Afghanistan.

Provincial governor Asadullah Khalid had said earlier that one person was feared dead and two wounded in the blast, 20 kilometres west of Kandahar city.

The wounded were evacuated by USPI, a private firm that provides security for foreign road construction companies, he said.

Southern Kandahar, the power base of the Taliban government that was ousted in a US-led military campaign in 2001, has seen a recent upsurge in Taliban-led violence.

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