Two Georgian servicemen killed in Iraq ' representative of Georgian Defence Ministry (Georgia/Iraq)

TBILISI, May 3 (Itar-Tass) - Two Georgian servicemen died in Iraq, a representative of the Georgian Defence Ministry told journalists on Saturday.


Two Georgian servicemen were killed when they struck a homemade mine in Iraq. One more serviceman was injured, deputy chief of the Georgian Armed Forces General Staff Lieutenant-General Giga Tatishvili said.
In his words, "this tragic event took place in the province of Dayala on May 2."

During the combat patrolling, one Hummer struck a mine. "As a result of the explosion Lieutenant Georgy Margiyev and Corporal Zurab Gvenetadze were killed. Sergeant Gengiz Mirtskhylava and an interpreter were injured," Tatishvili said.
He said injured servicemen had been hospitalised. "Their condition is stable. The bodies of two servicemen killed in Iraq will be delivered to Tbilisi today or tomorrow," the Georgian military said.

Georgia took part in the military operation in Iraq from August 2003. The first group involved 70 servicemen. Then the contingent increased. In 2004 Georgia sent 159 servicemen, then 300 servicemen, in 2005 850 servicemen. From July 2007 two thousand of Georgian servicemen stay in Iraq.
For 4 years a total of 18 Georgian military were wounded in Iraq. Last year two Georgian servicemen died as a result of small incidents.

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