Two wanted persons arrested in Sinai by Egyptian authorities

Two wanted persons, due to their involvement in recent blasts, were arrested in Sinai by Egyptian authorities, said Monday press reports. The report on the injury of three police officers due to a land mine was denied.


According to Al-Ahram newspaper, the two persons, who possessed machine guns, were attempting to escape through Sinai's mountains when they were apprehended by security forces.

An official source, added the paper, said the two prisoners were referred to interrogation in order to extract relevant information from them.

He explained that three other wanted individuals managed to escape, but the forces are still looking for them.

As for news reports claiming the injury of three police officers due to a land mine, the source denied the validity of such information by saying the three officers simply had difficulties with their vehicle due to being stuck in the sand.

Egyptian forces commenced a wide-scale pursuit of people involved in the recent blasts in Taba and Sharm El-Sheikh.

Von: 29 August 2005,

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