Ukraine: Trotz Gefahr durch Landminen kehren immer mehr Menschen zurück

Immer mehr Menschen kehren in den Regionen Donetsk und Luhansk Oblasts in ihre Häuser zurück - trotz der Gefahr von Minen und anderen explosiven Kriegsresten. Erst im August waren drei Kinder schwer verletzt worden, als sie eine Mine aufhoben. (auf Englisch)

Zerstörtes Gebäude in der Ukraine OSCE_SMMU unter CC BY_NC_ 2.0


More people are returning to their homes in eastern Ukraine despite the shaky cease-fire and the danger of the unexploded landmines planted in towns and villages.

Although many accidents caused by landmines are registered, OSCE, SMM spokesperson Michael Bociurkiw on Oct. 15 stated that more eastern Ukrainians are returning to their communities in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.

Some 2 million people left the eastern region during the yearlong conflict between Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian government troops, as estimated by United Nations in April. Today, the sides reached a cease-fire but occasional clashes still take place, resulting in casualties among the military.

Despite this, and the hazard of the unexploded landmines, many Ukrainians choose to return to their abandoned homes in the area.

“The Special Monitoring Mission has been seeing more and more people returning to their homes and conflict-effected villages,” says Bociurkiw of OSCE.

He gave an example of Dokuchayevsk, now controlled by Donetsk People’s Republic, a separatist organization. The head of local administration, interviewed by OSCE, claims that the city returned to its pre-war population of 21,000 people, while in January only 13,000 were living there.

“But the rebuilding of homes remains a very big challenge,’’ says Bociurkiw.

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