UN vehicle hits landmine in southern Somalia, 4 wounded (Somalia)

MOGADISHU, Somalia Mar 20 - A vehicle with United Nations workers on board exploded north of the Somali capital on Tuesday, wounding all four passengers inside.


A landmine was responsible for the explosion as the UN vehicle drove through Afgoye town, security officials said.

The wounded aid workers were rushed to Mogadishu's Medina Hospital to receive medical attention.

Last week, a family of 7 died in their Afgoye home when children toyed around with a landmine.

It's not clear who planted the landmine but security sources said the road is regularly used by Ethiopian troops, who have a base nearby.

Somalia's transitional government, backed by Ethiopia and the African Union, is struggling to restore order in Mogadishu before the proposed opening of a national reconciliation conference next month.

Von: 20.03.2007 www.garoweonline.com

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