U.S: Angolan first lady considers destroying of landmines decisive for reconstruction

New York, 04/05 - The First Lady of Angola, Ana Paula dos Santos considered on Tuesday in New York, the importance of locating and destroying of landmines and other non detonated explosive devices in the country, as a decisive factor for national reconstruction.


The First Lady made this declaration during her speech in the United Nations` auditorium, in the ambit of the International Day of Prevention and Assistance against Landmines, celebrated on Tuesday.
According to Ana Paula dos Santos, with over 80.000 disabled people victims of landmines, the Angolan Government carries out actions of inspection, clearing and demining of resettlement areas, roads and railways, agricultural fields of priority and other strategic economic goals.
She explained that in the framework of demining, the Government`s efforts already brought some positive results from 1996 to 2005, namely in the clearing of an area of approximately 46.500,000 square metres in fields containing landmines, the re removal or destroying of 56,000 anti-personnel and 8,500 anti-tank mines, as well as another 1.400,000 non detonated explosive devices.
In this context, the First Lady explained that the Lwini Social Solidarity Fund, which she directs, specialised in working in the favour of disabled people victims of landmines and of rural women, aims at carrying out in the central plateau region a project of partnership with US NGOs Roots Of Peace and World Vision for the implementation of agricultural production in rural areas, in order to plant in previously mined fields, thereby contributing for food self-sufficiency.
Ana Paula dos Santos appealed for the support of international organisations in the demining process in Angola. She recognised the interest shown by the UN and its role in the world`s landmines cause.
The ceremony was attended by Angolan Ambassadors to the UN and to the US, Ismael Martins and Josefina Pitra Diakite, respectively, diplomats and representatives of world organisations of fight against landmines.

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