Task Force Baghdad Soldiers found and destroyed terrorists' bombs and weapons caches during combat operations Oct. 19 in and around various Baghdad districts. The U.S. Soldiers found at least eight improvised explosive devices before they could be detonated by terrorists.


One patrol also discovered a cache of about 600 sticks of commercial explosives in a pickup truck in south Baghdad. An explosive ordnance disposal team collected the explosives for later destruction.

In one of the biggest discoveries of the day, a Task Force Baghdad unit operating in south Baghdad found a 250-pound aerial bomb with detonation cord. The unit requested EOD assistance and, a short time later, reported finding another IED, consisting of a 125-millimeter and a 120-millimeter round. EOD performed a controlled detonation on both IEDs.

An informant's tip led a U.S. patrol northwest of Baghdad to another IED. The Soldiers found a 155-millimeter and a 60-millimeter round along the side of a road. EOD was called in to destroy that IED as well.

Von: 19 October 2005 (Department of Defense US Central Command Releases)

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