Vietnam: Nach vierzig Jahren wird Ackerland wieder sicher

400 explosive Munitionsrückstände US-amerikanischer Streubomben aus dem Krieg in den 1970er müssen geräumt werden, bevor ein Bauer in Vietnam sein Feld wieder sicher bestellen kann. (in Englisch)

In vielen Stellen Vietnams stellt die tägliche Arbeit auf dem Reisfeld immer noch eine Bedrohung dar © Doris Manning / Handicap International


This farmer can now work safely on his land for the first time in 40 years

Sithon will treasure this planting season as a special one: for the first time since the Vietnam War he could seed his rice safely, after MAG cleared almost 400 explosive weapons from his land.

"There were bombies [the local term for cluster submunitions] everywhere." Fifty-nine year old Sithon Manyvong recalls returning home to Naphia in 1975 after the Vietnam War had ended.

Naphia village is in Phaxay district, one of the areas of Xieng Khouang province most affected by unexploded ordnance (UXO) – the bombies, rockets, missiles, mortars and grenades that did not explode when they were used, continuing to pose a risk of detonation.
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