VIETNAM: Three Children Killed, Three Injured By War Era Cluster Bomb

Gia Lai Province, Vietnam -Three children were killed this week and three others injured when they discovered a baseball-sized cluster bomb left over from the US-Vietnam war and played with it as if it were a toy.


The children, ranging in ages from two to eleven years old, found the cluster bomb in a river near their homes in Vietnam's central highlands and attempted to remove the BB-like pellets on the outside of the bomb casing.

The resulting explosion killed three children, aged six, nine and eleven years old, immediately and three others remain hospitalized.

Although the Vietnam War ended over 30 years ago, by some estimates over 350,000 tons of bombs that did not detonate when dropped remain in the ground. Since the conflict ended in 1975, nearly 40,000 Vietnamese have been killed by these devices and thousands more have been injured. Clear Path International serves landmine and bomb accident survivors, their families and their communities in former war zones in Southeast Asia. This assistance takes the form of both direct and indirect medical and social services to survivor families as well as equipment support to hospitals.

Von: 06.06.2006,

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