Wanni liberation in progress; terrorist turn tail with heavy casualties (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka Army launched military offensive to liberate Wanni region from LTTE terrorist yesterday (February 20) reached a decisive phase as troops could obtain the domination over the outskirts of Adampan, in Mannar, a strategically important location in the present order of battle. Meanwhile, LTTE terrorists made a desperate attempt to regain control over the Parappakandal area, on the same Mannar battlefront but failed miserably in the face of army retaliation.


As per the military reports received from the Northern battlefronts, at least 92 terrorists were killed and over 15 suffered injuries during yesterday's confrontations. Also, 3 soldiers were killed in action while another 20 sustained injuries, said the reports.

In the Wanni theatre of battle, heavy confrontations continued right throughout the day on Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya battlefronts.
On the Mannar front, two major confrontations were reported in the general areas North of Uilankulama and Parppakandal during the day.

Troops successfully crushed the LTTE attempt regain control in the Parappakandal during the morning hours and claimed at least 30 terrorists were killed. Five soldiers sustained injuries in this incident and were evacuated to the hospitals.

In the area North of Uilankulama, troop marching towards Adampan, dislodged five LTTE bunkers around 1.30 p.m. in the afternoon. Radio transmissions of
LTTE have revealed that 13 cadres were killed and many others received injuries. Army lost two soldiers in the fighting.

At the same time, army snipers deployed in the outskirts of Adampan gunned down three terrorists within the course of the day. Also, one soldier suffered injuries due to an anti personnel mine explosion at Manthota last afternoon.

On the Welioya front, troops had two confrontations with the LTTE terrorists in the Janakapura area during the daytime yesterday. According to the military reports, troops attacked two LTTE bunkers and a strong point killing 15 terrorists from 9.a.m to 3.30.p.m. Also, one soldier was killed and 8 others suffered injuries in this incident. In a similar strike launched around 10.30.a.m troops claimed one LTTE bunker was destroyed and two terrorists were killed.

Meanwhile, 4 soldiers sustained injuries due to terrorists' indirect fire targeted at Kiribbanwewa and Janakapura areas on the same day.
On the Vavuniya front, troops engaged terror positions in the Iranai Illuppaikulama and Kallikkulama areas in three occasions yesterday and claimed 14 terrorists were killed and at least 5 others were injured. Also, one soldier suffered injuries in one of the incidents.

Meanwhile, army snipers deployed in the North Of Periyapantrichurichchan area claimed that two terrorists were gunned down during the day.
In the same area troops engaged in clearing operations uncovered 05 hand grenades , 600 ammunition used for T-56 riffles, and 319 anti personnel mines .
At Vilathikulama, one soldier suffered injuries due to an anti personnel mine explosion.

On the Jaffna theatre of battle troops deployed in the Kilaly and Muhamalai battlefronts claimed 3 terrorists killed during the day.
Limited operations are continuing.

Von: 21.02.2008, www.defence.lk

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