Weapons recovered in Khost; pillion riding to be banned

Afghan police and coalition forces captured huge quantity of weapons following a joint operation in the Tanai district of the southeastern Khost province the other day.


Khost security chief Colonel Mohammad Zaman said police and coalition forces raided a market in the Tanai district and recovered the illegal arms from two shops.

Speaking here, Zaman said the seized weapons included 11 anti-personnel mines, 28 hand-grenades, and huge quantity of other arms and ammunitions. The police chief said a shopkeeper had also been arrested.

A day earlier, security officials recovered four landmines in the Makeen district of the Paktia province.

Meanwhile, official said they would impose a ban on pillion riding 5 days ahead of the parliamentary election in the province. The step has been proposed to ensure security during the electoral process.

Intelligence chief Sadeq Tarakhel said the move would block the way of terrorist to use motorcycles for carrying out disruptive activities during the election.

Von: 30 August 2005, http://www.onlinenews.com.pk

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