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Dieser 14-jährige hat einen Minendrohne entwickelt

Harshwardhan Zala, 14 Jahre alt und aus Indien, hat in nur wenigen Monaten eine Minendetektor-Drohne entwickelt. Diese Mine sei - laut ofiziellen Angaben - besser als alles, was die indische Armee bisher nutzt. Auslöser waren Berichte, die der Junge hörte, über (militärische) Minenopfer in Kashmir. (auf Englisch)

Screenshot aus dem Video. Es ist der kleine Junge zu sehen

Think you were pretty handy with a power tool after putting up that (perhaps slightly wonky) shelf? Well, think again, as a 14-year-old boy from Gujarat, India, has put you to shame.

As reported by NDTV, Harshwardhan Zala designed an anti-landmine drone, one that’s so successful that the Indian government has given him a $730,000 grant to develop it. To add insult to ingenuity, he only started work on the prototype in 2016 after reading up on the statistics of landmine-related casualties.

The original took $4,700 to build, whereas the final version of the prototype costs $7,300 to develop. Both versions are said to be better than anything the Indian armed forces currently uses.

The drone uses infrared sensors to pick up on the presence of landmines lingering beneath the soil, before using a tiny detonator to safely destroy them. It’s controlled with a relatively simply remote.


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