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Eine nukleare Landmine, die von Hühnern gewartet wird?

Dieser Minentyp war tatsächlich einmal eine ernsthafte Option: für Großbritannien während des zweiten Weltkrieges. Zum Glück kam diese Waffe nie zum Einsatz.

Zum Glück wurde die nukelare Landmine nie gebaut Karen Wood unter CC BY 2.0

The Cold War spawned decades’ worth of bizarre weapon ideas as the West and the Soviet Union strove towards gaining the strategic upper hand over their superpower rival.

The US was responsible for at least seven nuclear weapon designs during the Cold War that now seem outlandish or ill-advised. But the US wasn’t alone in its willingness to build seemingly absurd weapons systems to gain some kind of advantage over the Soviets.

In the 1950s, the UK designed a nuclear landmine that would be placed in West Germany to stop a hypothetical Soviet assault on the rest of Europe, the BBC reports. The landmine, dubbed Operation Blue Peacock, would be operated remotely so that it could be detonated at the moment when it could inflict maximal damage on the invading Red Army.

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