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Laos: Großprojekt verzögert sich wegen Kampfmittelräumung

Der Bau der sechs Milliarden US Dollar teuren Laos-China Bahnstrecke verzögert sich noch. Zu viele Minen und Blindgänger liegen noch auf der Strecke verteilt und müssen geräumt werden. Sie sind in erster Linie ein Erbe des Vietnamkrieges, an dem Laos offiziell gar nicht beteiligt war. (auf Englisch)

Entminung in Laos © Sebastian Bozada / Handicap International

CONSTRUCTION of the Laos-China railway in Luang Namtha province has yet to commence as more activites to clear unexploded ordnance (UXOs) need to be carried out before the rail builders can move full steam ahead with the project.

The Ministry of National Defence has reported to the Luang Namtha provincial government that one of three villages in Namor district where the railway will pass through has yet to be cleared of unexploded bombs.

A provincial coordinator of the Laos-China project, Chanthachone Keolakhone, told the press on that the three villages of Boten, Tinsan and Nateuy are located within the vicinity of the construction site.

The section in question where UXO may remain is some 16.9 kilometres long.

“The Ministry of National Defence reported the mines are in Nateuy village,” he said.

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