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Somalia: Landmine tötet 19 Menschen

19 Menschen starben, als ein Minibus über eine Landmine fuhr. Unter den Toten sind Frauen und Kinder. Der Unfall ereignete sich kurz nachdem Somalias neuer Präsiden den al-Shabab Milizen den Kampf angesagt hatte. Ein direkter Zusammenhang wurde vorerst jedoch nicht festgestellt. (auf Englisch)

Danger Mines Zeichen

Quelle: Al Jazeera

A land mine explosion has killed at least 19 passengers of a minibus in Somalia hours after the troubled nation's president declared a new war against the al-Shabab armed group.

The minibus was travelling in the southern Lower Shebelle region on Thursday when it ran over the explosive device near the village of Golweyn, about 120km from the capital Mogadishu in an area contested between al-Shabab and government and African Union troops.

"The number of people who died in the blast reached 19 - including women and children - and several others were wounded," Ibrahim Adam Najah, governor of Lower Shebelle, told local media.

Police official Ibrahim Isack told AFP news agency "the minibus was transporting 21 people when it ran over the land mine and most of them died in the blast".

"The mine was planted by the violent terrorists," said Isack, referring to al-Shabab, which is linked to al-Qaeda.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Mohamed Abdulahi, a witness from a nearby village, said he saw the bodies of at least 10 people, including three children and seven women.

"Their bodies were shattered by the blast," he said.

Abdulahi Moalim Abdi, an elder from Golweyn, called the attack "horrible".

"Everybody is shocked, innocent civilians blown up while travelling to their houses," said Abdi. 

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