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Somaliland: 1 Toter, 19 Verletzte nach Landminenexplosion

Eine Explosion in der Nähe eines Vertriebenenlagers hatte verheerende Folgen: ein Mensch starb, 19 wurden zum Teil schwer verletzt. Der Unfall ereignete sich in der Region Sool, in der es immer wieder zu schweren Unfällen mit explosiven Kriegsresten und Landminen kommt. (auf Englisch)

Quelle: Somaliland Sun

Somaliland is experiencing an increase in landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) explosions especially in the Eastern Sool region.

In this scenario one person has lost her life while 19 others were seriously injured as a result of landline explosion in Adhi-Cadeeye (athi -Adeye) Centre of Lasanod town the capital of Sool region of Somaliland.

According to the Lasanod district police commander lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim Jama who visited the scene immediately after the disaster at noon on the 23rd July 2017, the deceased and injured were all residents of Internally Dispatched Persons -IDP camp at the center which is 35kms west of the Sool regional capital.

“I hereby confirm that one person has died while 19 others received serious injuries as a result of a mine explosion” said Lt Colonel Ibrahim adding that most of the victims were women and children. 

A resident of the village who narrowly escaped the fateful event informed that 5 of the victims were from a single family and now receiving treatment at the local MCH.

The witness who did not divulge his name said that the explosion and subsequent damage to life caused created some confusion within the IDP camp that ensued with shocked people rushing to the Abdi-Cadeeye trading center proper, mostly on fear of explosions recurrence.

The large number of simultaneously injured highest so far in country is said to have occurred during a gathering of the IDP camp residents for a traditional event when a young boy unsuspectingly carrying an unexploded ordnance joined them only for the explosion to occur immediately.


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