Japan will seine Streubomben bis 2015 vernichten

Die japanische Regierung kündigt an, bis 2015 alle seine Streubomben zu vernichten. Das wäre eine Vernichtung drei Jahre vor der vertraglich festgelegten Frist. (in Englisch)


Japan to dispose of its cluster bombs by 2015

The Japanese government has decided to completely rid itself of its cluster bombs by early 2015. This target puts it more than three years earlier than original deadline given by the international community, putting it ahead of both Germany and France.

In the Convention of Cluster Munitions, also known as the Oslo Process, 19 of the signatory countries were required to dispose of their stockpile of cluster bombs, a type of explosive that scatters bomblets in an area, within eight years after the convention is ratified, which happened in August of 2010. Some of the countries have fallen behind their schedule due to the need to ship the bombs to other countries or contractors for disposal or lacking the funds to do so. Japan’s plan to dispose of the bombs earlier than its 2018 deadline will be seen as a huge boost to the international community’s efforts to completely eliminate banned weapons. It also puts them ahead of Germany, which plans to complete the process by late 2015. France has not yet announced its deadline.

According to Japanese government agencies, the country posses an amount of cluster bombs equivalent to around two million bomblets. It has already processed and disposed of a small portion of its stockpile in Hokkaido in 2011. Japan will ship the remaining cluster bombs to disposal facilities in Norway and Germany starting mid-2013 and hopes to complete the process by February 2015.

Source: The Japan Daily Press

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