Kanada: Senat beginnt Anhörungen über umstrittenen Gesetzesentwurf zum Vebot von Streubomben

Am 3. Oktober wird der von vielen Experten kritisierte Gesetzentwurf über das Verbot von Streubomben im kanadischen Senat debattiert. Die Kritiker planen Protestaktionen. (in Englisch)


Hello everyone!

Things are starting to get interesting here in Canada. The Senate Committee
on Foreign Affairs is starting their hearings on our terrible draft CCM
legislation (Bill S-10) tomorrow starting at 4:15pm Eastern time.

In general, the hearings will be held on Wednesdays at 4:15pm and Thursdays
at 10:30am Eastern time.

First to speak will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, representatives from
the Department of Foreign Affairs and a representative from the Department
of Justice. We still do not know who has been approved as civil society
witnesses unfortunately.

You should be able to watch the proceedings online live or taped. Just
click on the movie camera icon beside the meeting listing here:

With the hearings getting started, we will probably need your help again
with some actions. Stay tuned for your chance to help us tell Canada to
#fixthebill but until then make sure you've signed and shared the petition
http://bit.ly/fixthebillca or http://bit.ly/changerleprojetdeloi.

Thanks so much for all your support so far!

Take care,


Erin Hunt
Program Officer
Mines Action Canada

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