Kolumbien: Zivilisten durch Landminen verletzt und getötet

Die kolumbianische Kampagne für das Verbot von Landminen registriert im Zeitraum 20. August bis 6. September 2012 fünf Vorfälle, in denen Zivilisten beim Verrichten täglicher Aufgaben Opfer von Landminen werden. (in Englisch)

(c) Campana Colombiana Contra Minas


6th September. A 26 year old Campesinian was the victim of an anti-personnel mine in the village of Chigorodó in Antioquia. The farmer was trying to contact his wife on his mobile phone but there was no available signal so he went to a higher area in search of better signal, and this was when the explosion occurred. His injuries required the amputation of both legs but due to the gravity of his injuries the man died.

29th August. A 24 year old labourer was the victim of a landmine in the Macarena municipality of Meta. The young man was returning from a farm where he had been collecting yucas with two relatives when the mine exploded. His relatives did not suffer physical injuries, but the CCCM is making arrangements for them to be examined for visual or hearing impairment. The victim of the explosion suffered various traumas, including a fractured right foot, substantial skin loss and tissue damage to his left foot. He is currently being treated at the Departmental Hospital of Villavicencio.
27th August. A 53 year old farmer was the victim of a landmine in the Algeciras area of Huila. The man had been collecting firewood when the mine exploded. His left foot had to be amputated as a result of the accident. He is currently recovering.

26th August. An 71 year old elderly man was the victim of a roadside landmine in the Puerto Asis area of Putumayo. The man was near to his home and en route to a banana plantation at around 3 in the afternoon when the device went off. He suffered a fractured left foot and had to be sent to Mocoa where he is receiving hospital treatment.

20th August. A 20 year old Afrocolombian suffered a landmine accident on the roadside of La Ceiba, in the San Miguel area of Putumayo. He was on his way to visit his brother in Agua Blanca when the explosion occurred. The road on which he was travelling is widely used by all of the community. A group of young people were playing football in a nearby field when they heard the explosion and went straight to the scene of the accident. The victim died as a result of the explosion.

Source: Newsletter CCCM

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