Serbien: Minenräumer durch Streubombe getötet

In den Kopaonik-Bergen nahe der Grenze zum Kosovo ist laut Polizeiangaben ein Minenräumer durch eine Streubombe aus dem bewaffneten Konflikt 1999 getötet worden. (in Englisch)


Nato cluster bomb kills Serbian deminer

A  man was killed yesterday in Serbia by a cluster bomb left over from the 1999 Nato military mission in the country, television broadcaster B92 reported.
The 49-year-old man worked with a company contracted to demine an area on Kopaonik mountain, on the border with Kosovo, the report said, quoting regional police commander Miljan Petrovic.
The incident was still under investigation.
It is the second deadly incident with cluster bombs on Kopaonik within six weeks. In early August, two soldiers were killed while demining.
Nato bombed Serbia for 78 days in 1999 to force the withdrawal of its security forces from Kosovo, then a province with a majority Albanian population.
The ammunition it dropped included cluster bombs, which carry between 150 and 250 bomblets.
Based on information supplied by Nato, it is estimated that some 37,000 bomblets were dropped during the intervention. Some 2,500 are believed to still be armed and remain a threat.
The bomblets are still strewn in parts of southern Serbia, northern and north-western Kosovo and p
ossibly even north-eastern Albania, along its border with Kosovo. — dpa

Source: Oman Daily Observer

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