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VIDEO: In Uganda profitieren Landminenopfer von Bananen

In Uganda werden Überlebende von Landminenunfällen und deren Familien unterstützt, in und mit der Bananenproduktion ihren Lebensunterhalt zu verdienen. (in Englisch)

Bananas? Not just for eating...Plant gives new lease of life to landmine victims

(CNN) -- On the fertile farmlands of Uganda's Kasese district, miles and miles of lush banana plantations dot the green landscape. This is one of the biggest banana growing areas in the east-central African country, where most people make a living through subsistence farming.
Yet, the nutrient-rich fruit is not the only source of income for farmers in the region. After harvesting the crop, locals also extract banana fiber from the trunk of the plant. This can be used for a whole range of products -- from household goods and handicrafts to bags and textiles.

Taking advantage of the abundance of the natural product, a group of landmine victims have formed a co-operative association to make rope out of banana fiber and sell it for a profit. After using water to soften the leaves, the members of the Kasese Landmine Survivors Association split them into small pieces depending on the color and the thickness of the rope they want to make.

Full article and video on demand at edition.cnn.com/2014/09/30/business/banana-fiber-landmine-victime-uganda/index.html

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